LZCYBERSHRINK: Treating Clients Online Since 2001

Welcome to LZcybershrink.com, where many who couldn't or didn't want to walk into a therapist's office, long before the pandemic, have found understanding, empathy, compassion, and a lot of skill and experience at helping people deal with life, relationships, and emotions. I'm Liz, and I've worked with clients all over the world with a great variety of issues for 35 years in traditional and online settings. Some of my specialties: alcoholism and other addictions; codependency; eating disorders; dysfunctional families; healing the wounded inner child; learning how to have healthy couple relationships; healing from a history of emotional, physical, or sexual trauma; LGBTQIA issues; exploring or enhancing your creativity; grief and loss; women's issues from a strengths and feminist perspective; spirituality. I welcome people in recovery in 12-step programs as clients. If you have a mental health condition and are receiving medication under a qualified local prescribing professional's care, you must be stable in order to have talk therapy with me. If you might have a diagnosable mental health disorder, I may recommend you be assessed locally before pursuing talk therapy with me. If you are suicidal, online therapy is not the recommended modality. If you become my client, I promise commitment, connection, and confidentiality. I also promise to be clear about our boundaries and what I can and cannot do. I am happy to work with your existing health care team or help you develop one as needed.