LZCYBERSHRINK: Treating Clients Online Since 2001

Welcome to LZcybershrink.com, where many who couldn't or didn't want to walk into a therapist's office, long before the pandemic, have found understanding, empathy, compassion, and a lot of skill and experience at helping people deal with life, relationships, and emotions. I'm Liz, and I've worked with clients all over the world with a great variety of issues for 35 years in traditional and online settings. Some of my specialties: alcoholism and other addictions; codependency; eating disorders; dysfunctional families; healing the wounded inner child; learning how to have healthy couple relationships; healing from a history of emotional, physical, or sexual trauma; LGBTQIA issues; exploring or enhancing your creativity; grief and loss; women's issues from a strengths and feminist perspective; spirituality. I welcome people in recovery in 12-step programs as clients. If you have a mental health condition and are receiving medication under a qualified local prescribing professional's care, you must be stable in order to have talk therapy with me. If you might have a diagnosable mental health disorder, I may recommend you be assessed locally before pursuing talk therapy with me. If you are suicidal, online therapy is not the recommended modality. If you become my client, I promise commitment, connection, and confidentiality. I also promise to be clear about our boundaries and what I can and cannot do. I am happy to work with your existing health care team or help you develop one as needed.

Long and short term counseling and therapy for "interesting times"

What next?

The COVID-19 pandemic is not over yet. Many have resumed more or less "normal" lives, traveling, going out with friends, seeking entertainment in large groups of people. Others are still fearful and wary of leaving home and mingling. Even with vaccinations, as the virus adapts, a lot more people are getting COVID. Since the pandemic started, most of us have suffered personal losses. Many experienced drastic changes in financial status. Our whole way of working and having relationships has changed. At the same time, the whole world is in turmoil, with conflict and uncertainty in politics, the environment, and the economy. There is a great deal going on that most of us cannot do much about. I am here to provide support, counseling, and therapy to individuals and groups by email, chat, phone, text, and video via Zoom on a one-time, short-term, or open-ended basis. I have been helping people online for more than twenty years, with fifteen years before that in traditional practice, and I would be glad to work with you.